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the formula revealed :: August 7th, 2007

comic strip lol
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In retrospect maybe I should have used a blank background for this’n, instead of shooting these guys in front of an unexplained pile of money like that — you know, really emphasize the blank-canvas idea, drive home the notion of humor-as-template and so on or whatever — but good crapping christ would you looka that green?  That’s a full-ride to Awesome University on that table.

The picture is from a DEA archive — they’ve got a bunch of public domain photos of drug-related paraphernalia* and busts and so on.  There’s actually a handgun or two sitting on the table to the right of the cash, but that ended up getting cropped out in service of the tremendous achievement in sequential art that I like to refer to as See Above.

And that’s another dang thing: you know who you never hear talking about micropayments or incremental patronage or web 2.0?  Drug dealers.  Maybe if they’d get on the boat they’d get arrested and shot and stuff less often.  And I’ve made like $1.20 off ads since launch, so it’s not like they wouldn’t be making some scratch.

*This word is surprisingly difficult to spell.  It turns out I would never have even guessed. And I’m a halfway decent speller, even if I did get cut out of the prelim round of the fifth-grade spelling bee when I got a little overly excited and messed up “engine”. Engine, of all things! I didn’t know about the “you can’t start over” rule at the time, or I would have displayed considerably more caution, I assure you.

But no, all blissful stupid and young I was like, when they read the word to me, oh man, eyeroll, engine? Really? Engine? Why not “cat”? Why not “the”? Shall I just spell it then so that we can move on to, what, macaroni art? Is this not the fifth grade? Am I not a freakin’ A student? Engine? Here’s your engine, hombre: EE ENN JAY wait I obviously meant GEE let me start that over and OH MY GOD YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

Not cool, fifth grade spelling bee. Not remotely cool.