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re-spec your elders :: August 2nd, 2007

comic strip lol
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There are three things here that you may be aware of even if you would rather not be, and one thing that you might not be aware of even though you really should. Those things, respectively, are Ziggy, Blondie, Rex Morgan, MD, and Comic Curmudgeon.

The Curmudgeon is pretty much mandatory daily reading at this point; the guy who runs it, Josh Fruhlinger, does stupid comics commentary right, and has through his efforts gotten me appreciating decrepit piles like Mary Worth and Apartment 3-G to a degree that I would have found implausible had it been suggested to me, while sober at least, a year or two ago. Dude knows funny, and as a result I know what’s going on in Mark Trail right now. (Hint: it involves rednecks, birds, and probably Mark punching someone right in the damn kisser in the name of Naturalist Justice.)

He also does the excellent Cartoon Violence feature over at Wonkette, which is just icing on the dang cake.

One of these days, I’m gonna need to do a Very Special Episode of bunt cake wherein I re-enact the Mary Worth strip where some dude gets drunk and drives off a cliff.  RIP, Aldo — he was a good stalker.