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satan vs. appliances :: July 23rd, 2007

comic strip lol
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I’m not sure what the heck that thing is in that picture. I found the image on a DEA website of public domain gov’t photos — I think that’n was from a set related to nuclear development, but beyond that you have got me. I don’t know if those people know what it is either, or much care, as long as Catcher Dude there throwing up the evil eye can get it to stop screaming and spraying blood all the dang time.

There was a guy in a band I used to be in who would do his impression of the lead singer of Cake whereby he’d just say “H’yeah! H’yeah!” a few times. It was a pretty stupid impression but it was also fantastic.

Oh hey! LINK ROUND-UP! The site has been properly open for business for all of a week now, and man was it a busy first couple of days back there:

bunt cake had a tremendous explosion of traffic last Tuesday, thanks almost entirely to a Metafilter thread that mefite Terminal Verbosity posted based on my own post about this project to Metafilter Projects, a sort of personal project showcase for members of the site. Thanks, TV!

The folks on mefi are nothing if not honest, so it was a nice round-up of positive and negative and just plain bemused reactions. The “I don’t get it” angle wasn’t much of a surprise — it’s unabashedly a weird strip, more about presentation than content at this point, which some folks just plain love and others just, well, leave. Right on on both counts. (The night before release, I made a post to Mefi’s flirty cousin Metachat, and got some useful mixed feedback from the good folks over there, including a preview of the greater Mefi experience.)

Another Mefi sibling site, Sportsfilter, had a post about it that also referenced a nice long-form, baseball-as-chatroom thing called The Dugout. I don’t really, you know, get any of the jokes, but the writing is great.

Excellent blogger largehearted boy threw me a link out of the blue — does he read mefi? Is he a mefite? I do not know!

At least one StumbleUpon, a site I still don’t quite understand but which has thrown traffic at various projects over the years and so, hey, rock and roll.

bunt cake also got a mention from someone commenting on a “what to do with your old baseball cards” post at The Simple Dollar. Also mentioned therein: Cardboard Gods, a charming blog telling baseball stories one scanned card at a time. Check it out if you have any fondness for these cardboard has-beens.

Finally, a quick little link from The Virtual Porch, a collective linkblog.