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About :: July 6th, 2007

comic strip lol
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bunt cake is not a comic about baseball or baseball players or really anything about baseball at all except that it is made out of baseball cards and in that respect is I guess kind of inescapably baseball related actually.

josh millard is the guy who draws makes the comic out of old baseball cards he bought back when he was a kid and thought that buying baseball cards was a good idea because that’s just what you do right and so he would get packs or even boxes on special occasions and open them all up and sort them and put them in plastic sleeves in order and then realize that he didn’t really know what was supposed to happen after that because he didn’t really watch or play or care about baseball at all. He ended up majoring in computer science which it turns out involves a lot of sorting of information which I mean well there you go I guess.

majer leeg baseballs is in no way affiliated with any of this thing and josh is kind of hoping that they won’t even notice because really come on it’s a stupid web comic but man those guys can be kind of ornery about broadcasting and reproduction and stuff with the lawyers and the ceasing and desisting and all that and so even though these are like twenty year old cards and pretty much all of these guys are retired or dead or maybe coaching and the pictures aren’t that good in the first place, josh figures that maybe not even spelling the name of the association right will help keep things under the radar, even though that’s kind of silly.

the comic is made using a Canon XT, some old calendars for backgrounds and also some photos from flickr, and a bunch of like Donruss 88 and 89 and Upper Deck and Leaf from 1990 I think.

you can find out more about what is going on with josh at his blog which is called joshmillard.com and is linked to about six words ago.