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bunt cake

it's a von trapp :: September 25th, 2007

comic strip lol
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labor day weaksauce :: August 31st, 2007

No comic today on account of there not being a comic today.  See you Tuesday!


What happens when you take a bunt cake strip and filter it through a bizarro lens?


pillsbury, my new corp. sponsor? :: August 13th, 2007

People sure do like bunt cake.  Even when it’s bundt cake, and apparently especially when it’s bundt cake misspelled as bunt cake and no longer available thanks to those heartless jerks at Pillsbury.

But since online petitions have a history of being extremely influential in the real world, that’s all about to change, I figure.  As anthony auletta aka JP says,
“Dont destroy my buttery pineapply excitement!!!!!!!!!!!”

referer log roundup :: August 10th, 2007

One of my favorite things about running a website is sifting through referrer logs for weird little goodies.  bunt cake is new enough (and, you know, unread and unloved enough — tell your friends!) that it’s not very enthusiastically indexed by Google, but I am just now starting to see a little bit of life in my favorite category of referer info:

Search logs.  Every time someone searches for something on Google or Yahoo or wheremever and then ends up clicking through to bunt cake, it leaves a little record of that in my logs, and my log-tracking software pulls those out and reports them to me.  So how did people get here yesterday?  Six different ways, as follows.

1 – baseball cake
1 – micropayments
1 – how to make bunt cake
1 – bunt cake
1 – bunt
1 – public domain pictures cake

And, with the possible exception of the person who searched for “bunt cake”, I think it’s safe to say that none of those people were looking for this site.  Which is simultaneously a bit sad for them (sorry, people!) and absolutely hilarious for me (yay, me!).

I always wonder what happens when someone follows a stray path like this.  I’m kind of a search nerd, so I (imagine that I) don’t do this sort of thing much myself, but it’s fertile territory for the old imagination.  Imagine looking for anything but this site and then finding, you know, this site.  Hooah! “public domain pictures cake” in particular suggest a stunning bit of whiplash from the double-take.

Bonds bailment :: August 8th, 2007

A couple of Bonds/homers/etc discussions going on, sale over at Metafilter and Sportsfilter.  Further information is available at every single bar in the United States.